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Hello Mama!

I'm Johanna, 36 and the proud mother of Skye. Together with Eric, Skye's father, we've recently traded our cozy Amsterdam apartment for a delightful house with a garden in Zaandam. Here, we cherish outdoor play and are experimenting with growing our own vegetables.

While I initially believed my fascination with pregnancy and parenting began when I became a mother, I've come to realize it runs deeper. As a doula, my mission is clear: ensuring the best possible start for mother, partner, and child. By contributing in this way, I'm playing my part in shaping a better future.

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My approach

Every birth is unique, full of emotions, challenges, and triumphs. It's a journey that demands support, understanding, and love. The first cry, the first touch, the first gaze - these moments lay the foundation for a new life.

When we talk about sustainability, our minds often drift to the environment, green initiatives, and conservation. But it's more than that. It's about crafting a world that nourishes, supports, and empowers every individual. By ensuring every birth is a positive, empowering experience, we're laying the groundwork for a future where every child grows up in a world filled with love, understanding, and opportunities.

I speak German, Dutch and English fluently and am able to stand up for your needs in either language.

My Doula Package

From the first intake to birth, I'm here to guide and support you. My package includes:

  • Intake session: A deep dive into your wishes, fears, and any past experiences that might influence your current pregnancy.

  • Physical & online appointments: Focusing on birth plans, birthing positions, massage techniques, postpartum care, and more.

  • On-call support: From two weeks before your due date, I'm ready to be by your side within an hour during the active phase of labor, staying with you until after the birth.

  • Post-birth check-in: Approximately six weeks after birth, I'll visit to ensure everything's going well and offer any needed support.


Your investment: starting from €1950,- incl. VAT.

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Let's connect

Questions about your upcoming birth, interested in a package, or just want to learn more about me and my services? Please reach out. I'm here to help, guide, and support you on this incredible journey.

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